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Pixie Food & Wine, Byron Bay’s space pays homage to 1970s Italy, with nods to Gae Aulenti—a mid-century female architect and designer whose work celebrated the tension between old and new.

Flack Studio’s scheme delivers a signature theatrical ambience, with corners to converse in, laced with a gentle fusion of nostalgia, artistic elements, and luxurious accents.

We collaborated with Flack Studio to create a Raspberry Red terrazzo dining table with white marble aggregate, specified for the newly opened Pixie restaurant in Byron Bay.

At 3.6 x 1.6 meters, this monolith is constructed from two table tops and two box legs centered on each top panel.

The table top has both a 5mm pencil round profile and 150mm radius corners giving the piece a soft and subtle feel in the large space it occupies.

The Raspberry Red terrazzo compliments the tones and textures of the space. This table can be booked for groups of 10-12 people in Pixie’s private dining room.


Photography: Anson Smart

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Homage to 1970s Italy

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